Night Garden

Important Things to Note when Setting Up the Garden Lights

Garden enhances the beauty of our house more than ten folds. An unattended yard with weeds and scattered items decreases not only the look but also the value of the entire house up to twenty percents. If eyes are the doors to a human soul, then a garden is the gate to the house’ soul.

Garden LightsAnd building a beautiful landscape garden itself is not enough. It does not matter how beautiful the fountain is, and how intricated the placing of the plants is, all will not be noticeable without a proper lighting set-up. Read these following tips to get the best garden lighting set-up!

Avoiding too much light

The first and foremost, flooding the entire garden with lights is not a wise move, ridiculous in fact. During the night, people will enjoy their time in the garden because they want to feel fresh without being stunned. Bright light exaggerates garden landscape in a vulgar way and has the potential to disturb your neighbor from having a good night sleep.

Simplicity is the key. As long as no area is either too dark or too bright than the others, the lighting in the garden has achieved its balance.

Place the garden lamps smartly, and take advantage of the shadow. Use the light to highlight flowers, fountains, garden path, and other attractive features. And use the shadow to conceal bushes and overgrown vines. You should not trim them down because, during the day, they give the ‘full’ impression.

Light height matters

Garden LightsTo bring efficient spotlights to your garden, Energy Star bulbs placed in a high place can be enough to highlight unique spots of your garden, like the fountain, irrigation river, trees, and flowers.

Floodlights can be an alternative, but because of its wide coverage, you should be careful about where you place them. You do not want your floodlights to be placed too high for they will make your garden too dazzling.

Placing the floodlights in fixtures can overcome the problem. With a wattage-adjusting knob on the fixture, you can control the brightness of the floodlight. But the installation might require you to work with a landscape expert. The in-ground cable installation must be proper enough. Otherwise, you can have problems with the house electricity.

Lighting extras

LightsFairy lights, festoon lights, and glowing objects are alternatives to typical garden fixtures. Fairy lights add soft tone to the garden. And even just a few of them can give a significant comfort boost.

Place fairy lights to connect two objects or places. For example, fairy lights can bridge the tallest tree in the garden to the shades. When placed in line with the garden paths, the lights can be a perfect romantic-mood trigger.

Festoon lights are for filling a wide surface. You can arrange them on your walls and assemble them in line with the vines, or if you have a garden loggia, you can use the lights for the upper part decorative lights.

Glowing objectGlowing objects are only to highlight a specific ground space. If you have a barbeque spot, placing a large glowing object there will make your barbeque night more classy and elegant.