Glass Bong

How To Use Your Glass Bong in The Right Way

Looking for tips on using your glass bong in the right way? If so, you are at the right place. Using a glass bong is not rocket science but as a norm, most individuals tend to misuse it due to lack of proper info on various aspects that pertain to its use. Use bong comparison site to find out more. This said, the following overview on some important tips on how to use a glass bong can come in handy in the long run.

How much water is enough waterGlass Bong

Most people do not know this but as a rule, filling up your bong with the right amount of water will guarantee you a smoother, richer smoking experience. There is one major principle that should be used when filling up a bong: the water level in the main chamber should just be low enough so that the water does not come up through the mouthpiece when taking a hit.

Clean your bong thoroughly

Proper cleaning of your bong is considered as an integral part of using your glass bong in the right way. As a norm, glass bongs are quite delicate in nature and as such, plenty of unwanted stuff tends to get left behind after use. Smoking from a filthy bong will deprive you of a good smoking experience as the quality of the smoke will be compromised by the debris stuck in the bong.

It is recommended that you clean your bong and pipe on a regular basis. There are industrial grade cleaners that can be used to carry this out and as a norm, the bong should be soaked for some time so as to dislodge all debris. Soaking your bong in alcohol can also be quite effective when cleaning out your bong.

Do not usGlass Bonge hot water

Most former glass bong owners made the grave mistake of using hot water to clean their bongs. While hot soapy water can be quite effective in removing unwanted debris, it has one major disadvantage: it will break the glass.

The rapid expansions of glass due to the hot water usually results in the glass breaking and as such, never use hot water when cleaning our bong.