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Facts To Know About Drinking Beer

Did you know that beer is among the most popular drinks in the planet? Coming in on third place after water and tea, in that order. It is made by fermentation of grains such as barley, corn, and wheat. There are many brands of beer available at Craft Beer Shop. Beer is categorized as an alcoholic beverage due to the presence of ethanol. Despite its popularity, there is a lot related to beer that not so many individuals know about. Below are a few surprising facts to ponder.

Beer is the oldest alcoholic drink

Beer drinking has been part of all societies in the world, dating from as far back alcoholic drinkas the earliestĀ civilizations. The evidence can be seen in all ancient societies such as Egypt where it is even believed that they built the pyramids under its influence. Its age is probably one of the reasons it is so popular. It has had a long time to build its reputation.

Beer can be linked to inventions and even the agriculture revolution

Beer can be traced back to as far as the beginning of the agricultural revolution. Some historians believe that the peopleā€™s need or want for more beer led to an interest in agriculture so they could control the production and availability. This then resulted in plantations of corn, barley, wheat and even rice. As we know, agriculture was then followed by inventions and eventually down the line industrialization, so I guess we can all say thank you to beer.

Beer is good for your body

watchResearchers have found that beer contains many minerals that are vital for the human body. It has also been shown to help prevent kidney stones and be a source of good cholesterol. Its high levels of silicone aid in calcium deposit in the bones leading to bone strengthening. Furthermore, a recent study also shows a correlation between moderate beer drinking and healthy cognitive functions. Responsible and controlled beer drinking is the only way that you can truly reap these benefits.

Hair treatment

Now, this may be a bit surprising, but beer is an excellent hair treatment. Using beer after shampoo or after conditioning your hair has numerous benefits for your strands. The properties of this alcohol beverage such as malt give your hair extra protein repairing heat or chemical damage giving you stronger and shinier hair. Additionally, due to the now improved health of your hair, you also benefit from having better length retention which means you can grow an extra inch or two.