Choosing The Best Camping Tent Materials

The actual size of the tent you need is the first thing to put into consideration. Camp tents sizes are from the small one for one person up to the largest one for 10 people.

Early preparation and the tent you choose for camping are among the key factors that can make your camping enjoyable. When getting the tent, you must think of the fabric it is made of and the right size. There are several different materials, knowing the advantages and disadvantages will help you select the better option that suits you:


Nylon material is strong, and durable, that’s the reason it is the most popular fabrics for tents. Thesecamping tents are easy to carry as they are light in weight. This material can allow vaporing out and at the same time keeping the tent dry as it is breathable and waterproofed. Mildew can destroy the waterproof coating, but your tent will not rot hence the tent is left unuseful. The material is commonly used fly sheets where light weight is needed and is used on the tent floors. It is a more expensive material compared to polyester.


It is like nylon, but the only difference is that polyester is useful in resisting Ultra Violet damage compared to nylon. The Ultraviolet damage interferes with the strength of the tents material that leads to weakening of the tent, and some tents are destroyed faster than others as UV affects all the tents. Polyester is more superior than nylon, and it is more affordable.

Cotton Canvas

Cotton canvas is all weather material that was suitable for tent makers before nylon came to be.It is coated with an oily coating and waxing that helps in preventing the absorption of water, and also it is durable. This material is not waterproof, but the coating allows it to be breathable.


campingThis material tents is waterproof and will never allow water in unless it has a hole. The material is heavy and bulky even though it is durable which makes it difficult to get it back to its original form after opening it. Not all camping tents are made of this material, but it’s good to ensure you use it for your tent floor mainly in wet seasons.

Once you have made a decision on the material, and the right size that suits your needs make a purchase plan. You should consider the quality of the tent material that is suitable for all weather.