5 Google AdSense Tips You Should Know

AdSense is one of the most preferred ways of making money online. However, things are not always as easy as they sound when it comes to making money online, and that applies to using AdSense as well. Thus, read more to learn couple of things, which you have to factor in if you wish to achieve success. For efficient use of Google AdSense, the following five tips will go a long way to help you get started and make more money.

Tips to use

1. Maximize the coverage of your AdSenseonline

If you wish to maximize the income you get from AdSense, ensure that the ad units on your site cover lots of space. Three AdSense ad units and three link units on every page is the standard recommendation, but you can always change that to whatever suits you best. Placing more ads increases the opportunity of users engaging with them. There are also some ads, which are paid on a CPM basis, meaning that you get paid simply for displaying the ads, whether or not the user will click on them.

2. Place the ads above the fold

Statistics shows that ads that appear higher on the page offer the best results. Ensure that users can see the ads without necessarily having to scroll down the page. It is less likely for a user to see the ad and even click on it if he has to scroll down before finding them.

3. Ensure that you use ad units that perform the best

The three most preferred ad units by advertisers are usually the Leaderboard, Medium Rectangle, and the Wide Skyscraper. You will be able to tap into the larger pool of more competitive ads by using these popular units. The more ad inventory there is, the more competition there will be in the ad auction, which leads to higher RPM.

laptop4. Show text and image ads

Ensure that you opt in to displaying image and text ads, on your ad units. You get to increase the available inventory for your website by simply diversifying your ads. A majority of the text ads are paid on CPC basis while image ads are usually CPM. AdSense can determine adequate earnings for your site.

5. The ads and your content should complement each other

The AdSense ads should seamlessly fit within your website to ensure the best user experience. This includes blending in the colors and appearance of the site and the ads.